In my previous post I discussed the steps necessary in order to enforce a Court Order for visitation with your kids. Today I will talk about what can happen if you do not allow your ex to see your kids if you have a Court Order that says your ex is allowed to.

1. You could go to jail

Yes you read that right. With enforcement actions comes the potential for jail time. And here I bet you thought jail only happened to those who did not pay their child support. Nope, it goes for anything you fail to follow in your Court Order.

2. You could have to give make up time

Failing to allow your ex to see the kids could result in the Judge ordering makeup time. This means less time in the future with your kids until such a time as the Judge feels that your ex has had sufficient time made up. This could result in more time than was actually lost.

3. Pay attorney’s fees and costs

You could be ordered to pay your ex’s attorney’s fees and costs for filing the enforcement action against you.

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