So we have a television we want to mount to the fireplace. Our problem is that we do not want to see any wires but we want all of our accessories easily accessible as well. Realizing this is out of our league, we decided to call upon the experts. I got a recommendation from a friend and then through an online group I got another recommendation.

The Handyman

The first person to come out was a general handyman who knew what he was talking about and would be fine to handle the install. We discussed the best placement for the electrical and cable and how to mount the television to the fireplace. All sounded good.

The Expert

The second person to come out is not a handyman but actually a person who deals with installing all sorts of electronics. We discussed all of the same things and he was in agreement with the first person on where to put everything. When we discussed some of our issues with the equipment and making it all fit, he said that usually those pieces of equipment come with the mounting brackets. Sure enough, in a drawer where I keep all the “extra parts that we don’t know what they go to” there were the mounting brackets. Something the first person could not solve for us.

The Family Law Attorney

Needless to say, the person who knew detailed information about being able to accomplish all of our goals is the person who will get our business. Now, how does this relate to a family law blog? Easy. Just like hanging a television, anyone could do it, but the person who knows more about it is the person who will get my business. An attorney can handle any area of law. They can read the law and several articles on the topic and familiarize themselves enough. A family law attorney, though, knows more about how the process works, how  community property is divided, how children issues are resolved, etc. Any other attorney can advise only on what they have read but they will not have the knowledge of how the court will treat the facts surrounding the specific case like a family law attorney would.

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