About a month ago my Macbook Pro said, “I’m done!” It was so slow it was nearly impossible to work. So I grabbed the other one I had, moved all my work stuff to it and went on my merry way. I had a computer person look at it and their suggestion was to replace the motherboard. I did not go through with that as I was too busy to even think about it. Then last weekend I decided why not just wipe my old paperweight clean and try to reinstall everything? Well, the reinstall got hung up and I found myself at the Apple Store yesterday. After about an hour of my time I walked out with a fully functioning Macbook Pro (the same one I took in there) that had a cable replaced and it is up and running perfectly so far.

Today it had me thinking about the fact that at first I did not want to drive to the Apple store so I took it to someone else who works on computers. I mean at least I was not trying to solve the problem myself right? But I really should have taken it to the experts on Macs. I mean after all that is what they do, they work on Apple products right? They do not work on PC’s, they work on Macs. If I had done that from the start maybe I would have saved myself the headache of transferring all my data to the other computer? Maybe I would have saved myself the hassle of having to relearn my passwords? Maybe I would have only been down from work for a couple of hours instead of days that it took for me to get everything organized?

Then I thought about lawyers, of course. Not all of us are the same. For example, I focus my practice strictly on family law. There are attorneys that focus on criminal law, or trust and estates, or personal injury, etc. There are also attorneys that dabble in just about any area of law. Those that are focused on one area probably know more about that one area of law than the attorneys that dabble in multiple areas of law. Just like my Macbook Pro and the Apple store, you have to find an attorney who knows about your area of law. If a potential client calls and it is not an area I handle I refer them to someone who does because not only do I want to provide the best service to my clients, I also want those potential clients to have someone who will provide the best services for them.

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