Our children can be some of the most frustrating yet wonderful creatures that come into our lives. Sometimes the stress of parenting styles comes into play with that as well.

Over the past few weeks my youngest child has driven me absolutely crazy. One day he said, “I didn’t want your help.” and then seconds later said, “Which foot does this shoe go one?” I held back the urge to say, “I thought you didn’t need my help.”

This past weekend, he would not work with me on swimming in the pool. The problem with us is that we are both very stubborn so neither of us is willing to give in to each other. That’s where Mama comes in and approaches things completely differently from me. She allowed him to do what he wanted very slowly instead of me wanting to start bigger with him. Eventually he came and did what I wanted, but it took a LOT of patience from Mama to get there.

While I do not always agree with some of the parenting things that Mama does, it is important to sometimes sit back and let that parent attempt something different. Especially when you are frustrated and have reached the “boiling point.” Sometimes I am lucky enough to be the one who comes up with the different idea and sometimes I need her to do it for me. That is the best part about having two parents is that you do not always have to do everything and you do not have to do it perfectly. It truly is OK to let the other parent take over for a while. You might be like me and see your child interacting differently causing you to step back and think about how you could do something different next time.

Even in split families, it is OK to call the other parent and ask, “How would you do this?” or “Can you come help me with this?”

One last thing, embrace the moments because they will be gone and on to the next moment. Sit back and laugh (LATER when they cannot see you laughing) about the moment. Most importantly, look forward to the future moments as well.

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