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In 2011, about a third of adopted children were placed in single parent and LGBT households. So, while there may be a preference for traditional families, especially in certain rural areas, gay adoption in Houston and surrounding areas is now a very realistic possibility for those who are willing to go through the process post the Ogberfell v. Hodges decision on June 26, 2015. Texas law explicitly states that any adult may adopt. Texas further states that if a couple is married, both parties must be included in the adoption. With the Ogberfell v. Hodges decision now if a same-sex couple is married and wish to adopt a child, or do a step-parent adoption, there is little that should stand in that couple’s way of being able to adopt in ANY court.

Step-Parent Adoption

Many LGBT couples may have one or more children from a prior heterosexual relationship or conceived a child through artificial means during their relationship. If you are now married step-parent adoption is an option to secure the rights of the non-biological parent. The guiding principle in Texas family law is always the best interest of the children. If you can offer a stable and loving environment, recent court decisions indicate that LGBT step-parent adoption may be in the best interests of the children.

Adding children to a family should be a joyful occasion. For a consultation with a family law attorney who know how to get things done, contact my office.