DIY, it’s in our nature.  There’s a whole television channel dedicated to DIY projects. Last night, in fact, I was confident in my own DIY skills that I decided to change my thermostat. I have also tackled my own pluming projects around the house. I’ve even re-sheetrocked an entire room before. I get DIY!

Why is it different in divorce?

So why is it different when it comes to legal matters such as divorce? Sometimes a DIY divorce is OK.  Click Here for my blog about DIY divorce. Unlike my, now broken thermostat, where my AC guy will come fix my mess, not everything in a Final Decree of Divorce can be fixed after it has been signed by the Judge.

For example, if one party was to be awarded the house but the decree does not state that, you may not be able to fix it. If you did not include all property items in the decree, you may not be able to resolve that later. Sometimes the children are not included in the divorce. Ensuring that the decree is accurate is crucial before it is signed by the Judge.

Even when it can be fixed.

Many times the issues with DIY divorces are the portions related to the children of the marriage. As referenced above, sometimes the children are not included. When they are, they do not spell out visitation clearly. Often times child support is written making it not enforceable. Often times a modification will correct these errors. The modification process, though can be a long drawn out process which can be just as involved as the divorce would have been if it had not been DIY.

What should you do?

I understand, people want to save money. Attorneys are expensive. I get it completely. So if saving money is your goal then at least schedule a consultation with an attorney to review the paperwork. You may have to pay the attorney to make the appropriate changes. It will still save some money and will give you piece of mind that your Final Order is correct.

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