The short answer is yes. Yes you read that right, I said yes you can. I am even going to give you a checklist to help you decide whether you should hire an attorney or not.

Checklist to Hire An Attorney:

  • You have Real Property
  • You have Retirement Accounts
  • You have Investment Accounts
  • You had an Informal/Common Law Marriage
  • You have children
  • You suspect your spouse has hidden assets
  • You have separate bank accounts
  • You have not shared on financial information with each other during marriage
  • One of you does not want a divorce
  • You both want a divorce but there is a dispute about some aspect of the breakup

  • Checklist for Not Hiring an Attorney

  • Both parties agree to all terms of the divorce
  • There are no children
  • You are comfortable that there are no hidden assets
  • None of the options under Checklist to Hire An Attorney are true
  • In either case, consulting with an attorney to at least discuss your situation can help you immensely. In fact, I would always recommend at least having an attorney review a Waiver of Service (if one is used) and the Final Decree of Divorce before signing them. These two documents can have a major impact on your divorce. Some Waivers of Service contain language that states the divorce can be finalized without your knowledge. The Final Decree of Divorce, once signed by the Judge is difficult if not impossible to change later with regard to property. So even if you do not hire an attorney, consult with one to review the documents before signing just to make sure you fully understand them.


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