Many times people come to see me when they feel as though they have run out of options. They always tell me that there is no way the other side is going to agree to ANYTHING that my potential client wants. I usually have a conversation that goes something like this, “Courts require us to… Read More

In the family law world we throw out this phrase all the time, “Standard Possession Order”. This phrase is set into our minds because the Texas Family Code presumes this to be the best interest of the child. However, Standard is not always best for every situation. Take for example the following: Mom works a… Read More

One of the first questions you are going to get asked if you go to see a divorce attorney is “do you have any property?” You may be thinking about a house or real estate and yes your attorney is asking about that as well as things like vehicles, vacation homes, timeshares, etc. Why do… Read More

You have been going about your business for years as a single person. You’ve lived a separate life. You’ve dated. Your friends think you are single. You, however, know that this is false. You know that many years ago you got married. Maybe it was for love, maybe not, but whatever the reason you got… Read More

Ok, let’s face it, unless you and your spouse agree on EVERYTHING a divorce is going to be expensive. There is just no way around it if you cannot reach an agreement outside of attorneys. So if you are in this boat here are a few tips to saving you money on legal fees: 1.… Read More

Many times I hear people arguing about the smallest of items. Some of these have sentimental value, some are animals that both parties love, but sometimes it is just so the other person does not get the item. When a divorce is involved sometimes emotions take over and you lose site of the bigger picture.… Read More

I recently had to go through this process and found it a bit difficult to understand so I thought, why not share it with everyone. In order to change your name with driver’s license and social security you either need a Court Order or a Marriage Certificate. If you do not have either of these,… Read More

In my previous post I discussed the steps necessary in order to enforce a Court Order for visitation with your kids. Today I will talk about what can happen if you do not allow your ex to see your kids if you have a Court Order that says your ex is allowed to. 1. You… Read More

You call on Friday and say you will be there at 6:00 p.m. to pick up your kids, but your ex says you cannot have them. You argue, perhaps text back and forth, and ultimately you do not go to pick up your kids because your ex said no. This happens every time it is… Read More