I recently had to go through this process and found it a bit difficult to understand so I thought, why not share it with everyone. In order to change your name with driver’s license and social security you either need a Court Order or a Marriage Certificate. If you do not have either of these,… Read More

In my previous post I discussed the steps necessary in order to enforce a Court Order for visitation with your kids. Today I will talk about what can happen if you do not allow your ex to see your kids if you have a Court Order that says your ex is allowed to. 1. You… Read More

You call on Friday and say you will be there at 6:00 p.m. to pick up your kids, but your ex says you cannot have them. You argue, perhaps text back and forth, and ultimately you do not go to pick up your kids because your ex said no. This happens every time it is… Read More

I came across this article today and it struck something in me. I know that people sometimes feel as though they were not treated fairly in court or they did not get the result they felt they deserved, but this article took it further. This article implied that attorneys and judges are in cahoots together… Read More

Prior to June 26, 2015 same-sex couples had to go through hoops in order to ensure that both parents had equal rights to their children. These couples, who could not legally marry, had two options: (1) file a Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship or (2) pursue a step-parent adoption. The first option involves suing the other… Read More

Shopping for an attorney is like shopping for a dress. I have been shopping for a dress a lot lately. I needed a very specific dress and was not having any luck finding the right one. I took friends with me and that was helpful, but still coming up short. I had been to Macy’s… Read More

In Texas, if a party wishes to change their name to a name they previous used as part of the divorce the Judge must grant it, with a few exceptions. Yesterday I was asked what it would cost to change a person’s name from their married name to their maiden name. I was confused as… Read More

Is there really such a thing as a no-fault divorce? I mean someone has to be at fault right? In Texas, the general answer is yes there is a no-fault divorce though the Texas Family Code calls it insupportability. It does not matter why the parties want a divorce so long as at least one… Read More

You are two women or two men who got married ten years ago in Boston, Massachusetts, but you live in Texas. You separated a year later. You consulted with an attorney back then and was told that you cannot get a divorce in Texas and that your options were to either void the marriage or… Read More