In Texas, if a party wishes to change their name to a name they previous used as part of the divorce the Judge must grant it, with a few exceptions. Yesterday I was asked what it would cost to change a person’s name from their married name to their maiden name. I was confused as… Read More

Is there really such a thing as a no-fault divorce? I mean someone has to be at fault right? In Texas, the general answer is yes there is a no-fault divorce though the Texas Family Code calls it insupportability. It does not matter why the parties want a divorce so long as at least one… Read More

You are two women or two men who got married ten years ago in Boston, Massachusetts, but you live in Texas. You separated a year later. You consulted with an attorney back then and was told that you cannot get a divorce in Texas and that your options were to either void the marriage or… Read More

There has been much debate amongst attorneys in Texas regarding the state of common law marriage as it relates to same-sex couples. Some attorneys believe that the ruling by the United States Supreme Court on June 26, 2015 extends to common law marriage whereas others believe that it does not. So what has happened since… Read More

teptep-parent adoptions are happy occasions in most instances, however, there are many steps that are involved in order to have the adoption granted. It may seem simple to do a step-parent adoption, especially if the other biological parent is in agreement or is no longer present, however, there are very specific steps that must be followed… Read More

In my previous post I talked about one of the benefits of mediation is that you maintain control of the outcome of the case. I came across this article today and thought it fit perfectly in with that post. This article talks about a Judge who ordered the married, now divorced, couple to remain in… Read More

You may be saying to yourself, “If we cannot get along, how in the world is mediation going to work for our divorce?” You may be surprised to hear that most cases settle in mediation, even in divorces. Some of the reasons for this are: (1) you are in control of the outcome, (2) cost… Read More

Much of my blog posts have been about the parents going through the divorce. There have been a few about how parents can get child support and some about not using the children as bait during a divorce. I read through this article and thought about the children themselves as their parents go through divorce.… Read More

As I sit here listening to my two year old say, “hmmmm” over and over because he does not know how to respond to questions I ask I am reminded of clients who sometimes do not respond to questions from me. It made me think about what needs to be different between attorneys and their… Read More

I met a sweet lady last week who told me the story of her 50 year relationship with another woman. She told me how, up until just a few years ago, they would tell everyone that they were just friends, in fact, best of friends who chose to be roommates. It made me think about… Read More