How did it come to this?

Looking back in time there was a day when you said, “I do” to each other. Probably was one of the happiest days in your lives, but today you sit here wondering how did that happy day turn to this. At some point though you felt it, you felt that the happy days were ending and you do not know where to turn. Perhaps you went to counseling? Perhaps you looked to guidance from friends and family? Maybe you did not do any of that but just realized you are not happy anymore. Whatever the case may be you still sit here wondering how it came to this point, a point where you are now considering divorce.

What’s worse is that now you do not have control of the situation. You both have to figure out where to go from here. If you have children that only makes it harder because while you are going to go off on your own, you also have to learn to communicate with each other about your children and their needs.

You know you need an attorney but how do you find one?

Trying to find an attorney that is the right match for you is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. What’s worse is you have to pay consultation fees to each attorney you meet with just to try to find one that is right for you. You’ve asked your friends for referrals, but either they did not like their previous attorney or they did not feel that they got fair treatment from their attorney. You’ve looked online but every website or referral page says the same thing, “Let us help you with your divorce.” The websites really do not tell you anything about the attorney. You worry that the attorney will just look at you as another payday and will not really take the time to understand your situation. You feel stuck with selecting from these attorneys you have never heard of and hope that they will really listen to you and represent your interests.

But how?

Assuming you find an attorney your next question is how am I going to pay for this attorney? Before we split we were barely making ends meet with a mortgage, car payments, children, insurance, groceries, etc. Now, there are two mortgage payments (or rent payments), we still have the car payments, children, insurance and general necessities, but now I need to pay for an attorney. But wait, the attorney cannot really tell me how much this will cost. The attorney can only tell me what the initial retainer is and what they bill per hour. So now you wonder, just how high are monthly bills going to be from my attorney who charges anywhere between $200 and $500 per hour?

There’s a different way?

At Welsh Law I do not hide anything about the process or the billing.  I will meet with you and discuss your case in detail. Most attorneys bill on a monthly basis. Attorneys are not like your bank account or credit card where you can look online and see what you have spent each day. Instead, you talk to your attorney, your attorney does work, you have no idea what it is costing you until the end of the month and then bam, you receive the invoice. I do things a bit differently in that I bill weekly. This gives you a better idea of what has been happening in your case and how money has been spent. It’s close to that bank account or credit card statement in that you get to see it quicker.

Further, you get a copy of everything I receive or everything I prepare in your case. Nothing is hidden from you during my representation of you. You are informed every step of the way and are involved in the process.


At Welsh Law, I understand that the entire process is intimidating. I try to take all of that away and let it rest on my shoulders for you. I solely handle family law matters so you can rest assured that I am dedicated to you and representing your interests.

Where do I start?

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